About Us

Ltd "Karelika"
185 030 Russia, Republic of Karelia,
Lososinskaya nab. 7, Office 1

8142 57-10-89
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"Karelika" Travel Company was founded in 2004.

We are an international tour operator. Ref.number PTO 000329.

We offer:

  • comfortable accommodation in Russia and Karelia for a relaxing family vacation or active holiday.
  • summer ecological tours to Karelia: our exclusive nature tour to the Solovki island "Song of the white whale," tours around Ladoga Lake and Onego Lake, watching seals.
  • tours to Kizhi, Valaam and Solovki.
  • private transfers from Finland to Karelia.

If you are looking for new experiences or just want to relax with friends or family in Russia and Karelia, just let us know. We do our best!