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The Valaam Archipelago is located in Karelia in the northern part of Lake Ladoga, 22 kilometers away from the mainland. The Valaam Archipelago is famous for its architectural ensemble of Spaso-Preobrazhensky orthodox monastery existing on the island since 14 century. It is one of the oldest Russian monasteries. The nature of Valaam is very special. The monks never cut the trees down. They only used for their needs those uprooted or broken by wind. Therefore, Valaam is covered with indigenous taiga having some trees that are more than 300 old. Visitors can get from Petrozavodsk to Sortavala by bus (250 km) and then to Valaam by hovercraft “Kometa”. One way trip there takes 40 minutes. The tour lasts 2 days and visitors are supposed to spend their night on Valaam.
The Kizhi Museum is one of the largest open air museums in Russia. It is located on the Isle of Kizhi lying on the north-west of Lake Onega. The Museum area is not big but one can see a unique collection of Northern-Russian wooden architecture of 16th-20th centuries there. It includes churches, chapels, farm houses, Russian saunas, barns and mills. The basis of the museum collection – the Kizhi Pogost Ensemble – is the UNESCO World cultural and natural heritage site. It takes an hour and 15 minutes to get to Kizhi by hovercraft “Kometa” and visitors are supposed to stay on the island for 3 hours. The whole trip to the island from Petrozavodsk and back including a tour of the Museum takes about 5.5 hours.
The Kivach nature reserve is one of the oldest Russian reserves. It is famous for its waterfall Kivach that is the second-highest lowland waterfall in Europe. Visitors can see rare plants and trees in the arboretum, have an ecological trail walk and see carvel pines, fern land, orchids of rare beauty as well as spring water bogs having chalybeate springs with their own eyes. The trip from Petrozavodsk to Kivach (80 km away from Petrozavodsk) takes about 1.5 hours by bus. The ecological trail is 7 kilometers. The whole tour lasts 8 hours.
Conference fee – 1 500 RUB, PhD student fee - 400 RUB, it includes ice-break party, conference materials, coffee-breaks, lunches
Registration payment Deadline — September 05, 2014
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