Spaces of the White Sea

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Spaces of the White Sea
duration: 8 days/7 nights


The price per person
430 euro

The price includes:

  • the accommodation in guesthouses,
  • meals according to the programme,
  • the transfer according to the programme,
  • the service of 2 local instructors,
  • life jackets, fishing,
  • the excursions according to the programme. 

Extra paid: train tickets, sauna.

The travel company „Northern lights“ keeps the right to make changes both in the contents and in the prices of the tour in case of inflation.

1 day Meeting with the guide at the railway station in Belomorsk late in the evening. Visiting the ancient rock drawings at night (from 16.06 till 20.07). Transfer to the settlement of Kolezhma (80 km), visiting the Belomorsko-Baltic Canal along the way. We also visit the church of St.Peter and Paul and go through the settlement of Sumsky Posad.
The accommodation in the cottage (doubles with WC and shower).
2 day Breakfast.
The excursion to the settlement of Kolezhma. The local guide tells about the history, culture, traditional trade of coast-dwellers – boat building and the life in the settlement nowadays.
Lunch. Watching the flow and the ebb of the White Sea.
Fishing. Dinner.
Sauna – extra paid.
3 day Breakfast.
The boat trip to the birds’ island. Watching sea birds: sea-gulls, eider-ducks, sea-parrots, sea-swallows, seahawks and seals as well.
Lunch. Free time.
Dinner. Sauna – extra paid.
4 day Breakfast. The sea-trip under sail.
Lunch. Free time.
Dinner. Sauna – extra paid.
5 day Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.
Free day or the excursion to the islands Kondostrov/Kuzova/Perhludy + fishing. Labyrinths and seita are parts of the ancient northern civilization. There are a lot of unique landscapes and ancient monuments on the islands.
6 day Breakfast. Going to the island of Myagostrov.
Lunch. Free time, visiting the “Wish Stone”. Going to the white whale cape to watch white whales with their babies.
Coming back to the cottage.
Dinner. Sauna – extra paid.
7 day Breakfast. Fishing at the lake.
Lunch in the forest. Coming back to the cottage.
Farewell dinner. Sauna – extra paid.
8 day Breakfast. Going to Belomorsk early in the morning.